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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do we serve?
    We serve foster children in North Texas. The counties in this area include: Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant county, and Wise counties.
  • How did GAP become involved with foster children?
    GAP'S founder and some Board Directors volunteered with a nonprofit called, Friends of Wednesday's Child (FOWC). Prior to closing their doors in 2017, the orginaztion was highly successful in serving foster children through various projects. Our company's 5013(c) status was formed to fill in the gap for the projects and programs that made a big impact in our community. As volunteers on the frontline, we have witnessed and understand the importance of investing in our future generation of leaders.
  • Who is eligible to receive the services GAP offers?
    The birthday project will be made available to all school age (8 to 19) foster children in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and Wise counties. The Foster Child Tutoring Endeavor Program will initially be open to middle school and high school students in Dallas and Tarrant County.
  • Why don’t you show photos of the actual children you serve?
    Due to privacy concerns and state regulations, GAP will never post facial images or videos of the foster children we serve.
  • How can I get involved?
    Donate: You can donate on our website by clicking the donate tab. You can also mail your donation to 300 State St., Unit 93341, Southlake, Texas 76092. Please contact us for information on in-kind donations. Pray: Please pray for us as we do our best to enrich many lives in our community. Post: Please “like us” on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing our posts are always appreciated. Volunteer: We can use your support with personalizing the birthday cards and with any upcoming community events. Please note: all volunteers will be subject to a background check.
  • When will the Birthday Card Initiative begin?
    The Birthday Initiative began December 2018.
  • When will the Foster Child Tutoring Endeavor program begin?
    The Foster Child Tutoring Endeavor program is projected to begin January 2020. This program will connect current and retired educators with foster children to assist in achieving academic success.
  • How can I learn more about the organization's giving practices?
    We are an organization that believes strongly in transparency and stewardship. Feel free to search for us to learn more.
  • Will my donation be considered a charitable tax deduction?
    Yes! Granted Advocacy Partners, Inc. is a 5013(c) and provides all donors with a Charitable Contribution Statement.
  • How can I learn more about GAP’s finances?
    Please contact Granted Advocacy Partners, Inc. for a copy of the Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.
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